Studying Politics...

We encounter politics daily. When we eat, we expect that the consumer protection makes sure that we do not take in something health-damaging. When we drive to school, university or work, we have to follow the traffic regulations. When we elect a mayor, we hope that they will represent the citizens’ interests to the best of their ability… and so on. Politics is a fundamental part of today’s social coexistence and of our democratic order. This is ensured by the Federal Government, ministries, authorities etc. A study in this field is a good possibility to take part in the daily political happenings.

  • Studying Politics offers a relevant topic field that focuses on the big picture.
  • Studying Politics makes it possible to view political issues and systems from different perspectives.
  • Studying Politics does not mean that you will be directly trained as a politician. Rather, it is about becoming acquainted with political institutions and processes.
  • Studying Politics means supporting political circumstances with theories and scientific approaches.